Outside Lighting

Elex UK specialises in outside lighting design and installation in North London, covering the Palmers Green, Winchmore Hill, Southgate, Hadley Wood & Cockfosters areas.

Outside lighting design

Elex UK’s design process centres around the creative use of light and shadow, selecting the right light fittings and, most importantly, a detailed understanding of how and why our clients want to light their garden.

Through our creative process, we will identify the best possible lighting solution; whether you require lights for security and safety, or would like to make evening dining and entertaining that bit more special.

Our aim to highlight your gardens best features, such as plants or water features and create well-lit areas for entertaining or safe passage. We can also cast less desirable areas into shadows, such as wheelie bins or next doors dilapidated shed.

Contact us and we will discuss your requirements before arranging a free initial site visit to meet you and your garden in person. After which we will provide a quotation for the design/installation of your new lighting system.

All our installations meet or exceed all electrical standards and are certified as complying with ‘Part P’ regulations. Our highly experienced Electrical Engineers oversee all our work. We have selected a palette of tried and tested materials and light fittings which we know are of fantastic quality, reliability and suitability for domestic garden use.

Outside lighting controls

By capitalising on a host of wireless receivers, transmitters, motion detectors and timers available, wirelessly controlled lighting systems are highly adaptable and flexible. – You can, of course, have a simple on/off switch!

Stunning lighting effects can be created, all of which can be controlled by the touch of a button, or even by the swish of a finger on your iPhone.

The controls are fully compatible with all makes and types of garden lighting, including LED, Low Voltage and colour changing LEDs. With a choice of remote control options including an ‘iPhone‘ (or Android) application, ‘Keyfob’ and ‘Picture Touch Panel’, you’re sure to find a solution for all your outdoor control requirements.

Outside lighting fittings

There are thousands of garden light fittings on the market and their light characteristics can be very different. Carefully balancing a light fittings brightness, colour temperature and how the light reflects off the different surfaces and textures in the garden is vital to a good lighting system.

Selecting the most suitable one is hard to achieve from a website listing or catalogue, and is best served by actual hands-on garden lighting experience.

We have sourced light fittings from across the world and have honed our palette of light fittings which have proven quality, reliability and suitability for domestic garden use.

Outdoor lighting (sound & vision)

Bring high-quality audio into your garden and get the party started! Outdoor audio systems can be as simple as an extension to your existing indoor system with waterproof wall mounted or ground speakers, controlled from indoors. Alternatively, we can design and install a dedicated garden audio systems, utilising a wide range of technology to give you complete control of your music in your garden.

We can connect your outdoor audio system to your home network so you can access your computer music library, install an outdoor MP3 docking station so all your guests can take over the sound. There is a wide range of speakers available from high-end Bose speakers to subtle in-ground speakers designed to look like a rock. The range of products available gives complete flexibility to suit every budget and requirements.

An outdoor television can create a truly magical place to watch a movie on a summers evening or sporting event by the BBQ.

Outdoor televisions are completely waterproof and have anti-reflective glass fronts specifically designed for outdoor viewing in daylight. They are generally wall mounted, with extremely strong anti-theft brackets to keep them secure.

We can design and install a complete system to connect to your existing media players and digital TV system for standard and High Definition viewing or install dedicated equipment in the garden.


All our new systems have a 1-year warranty from the date of installation which covers the system from faults (excluding bulbs and ingress of moisture).

After which we offer a range of aftercare packages which is available for systems we have installed, and subject to a system analysis, existing systems installed by others.

Our packages are customisable to your system’s needs and can include free bulb replacements, regular maintenance visits at key points of the year and a free call out per year.

If you have an existing system, please contact us to discuss your maintenance requirements.

Contact us today for a quotation.